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I never ask people if they want to become my client. I think they have to approach me because it intervenes with your personal life. I have a profile on an escort website, boys4u. I have a profile with pictures and my rate and conditions. I also have a profile on planetromeo.

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I did a lot of interviews about my profession last year so nowadays I also get approached on Facebook by men who saw me on television or read about me and want to plan a visit. No, sometimes they book me to go out for dinner, to stay the night or it may happen that a planned sex session turns out differently. I always take the time to get to know my clients and to let someone feel comfortable because a lot of clients are nervous.

And most of them want to have a conversation as well.

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Those clients pay per 15 minutes so they need quick sexual gratification. An escort is a broadened package which also includes taking time for each other and providing company. I ask euros an hour. But sometimes I give some discount if a client books me for a whole night, because otherwise I would get rich while just sleeping laughs.

In that case I ask around euros for example.

Sometime clients try to bargain because they are low in cash. Want to get the female perspective? Read the following interview: I am not registered as a sex worker like it used to be. A lot of sex workers are operating in secret so currently our branche is registred as personal hospitality instead of sex woker.

Sexuality has always been seen as an activity which only should take place in a marriage. Nowadays the ideas are more open minded because having sex before marriage and even among gays is been increasingly accepted. But still some issues are not accepted, like prostitution and it will still take a while before it will be fully accepted. Second, people relate prostitution to themselves to form an opinion. I personally think sexuality is very personal and differs among people.

I have no idea how many people are forced into prostitution. Research shows a big range of numbers with percentages from 5 to It provides opportunities to cherry pick because the supporters of prostitution will tell a percentage of 5 is forced and the opponents use the percentage of 95 percent is forced into it. So there are lots of complications in investigating the true number of forced prostitutes which makes it hard to even estimate a percentage. They need the money that the job offers but actually hate the work itself.

Yes, for several reasons… Everyone should have the right to choose what happens to his or her own body. Besides that, not legalising prostitution increases the chances of human trafficking. In this situation, victims of human trafficking are left alone. Last year prostitution has been downsized by the local government and all over the country prostitution licenses were withdrawn.

The brothel owners at the Red Light District are an easy target for the local government to close down brothels. That should be changed.

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To give you an example: That is why prices increase because the brothel owners also have to make some money. So the regulation is very contradictory. A solution would be for sex workers to get involved in making a policy.

I was part of the advisory council of the editorial staff. Every 3 months at the Health Center of Amsterdam. But the risk still exists…. Yes, almost always. In Belgium the percentage was higher than in Amsterdam. I guess 50 percent in the Netherlands have a relationship?

One of my clients has a nose-picking fetish. So I allowed him to pick my nose. This is an extreme example but after all everyone have their own sexual fantasies which you can call fetishes. They have to think about it wisely because it could have a big impact on their lives. Some experiences could be hard to deal with. If you have a vulnerable personality it can be dangerous. I would advise everyone to let clients pay in advance. And call your clients before you plan a session to make sure you both have the same expectations. But after all, most of the clients want to have a conversation and tenderness.

Some of them like anal sex, like I do. I would ask the world to be open minded about prostitution. It shows the true diversity of the whole branch instead of having an extremely positive or negative viewpoint.

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I think a lot of tourists also have a very preconceived opinion about sex workers. I would advise them to talk with several sex workers to form an opinion. One hour minimum fee. Please respect my f Strong sensual, sexual relaxation massage with all the extras you want. Good looking escort available for sex date, dinner date and travel.

Come to experience a new dimension of pleasure. Let explore your forbidden Handsome, masculine, educated, discreet. Tall muscular dutch guy cm with big tool, total top. I am a chill guy, Hello there, Im a discreet toppaydate with quiet some experience.

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All safe I am 33 yo, Southern European, guy living in Amsterdam; educated, well mann If you're looking for some hot fun, just let me know. You're in charge, bu You like my profile, then call me for a date and let me make you horny M Latino, passionate about life and always ready for fun. Fully versatile. I'm looking for precious Hello, I'm Jose 24y old student. Love to get fucked long, hard and deep!!

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